August 10, 2010

Hostgator Payment Proof

In my previous article I had written about Make Money With Hostgator Affiliate, this time I will show proof of payment from hostgator. Hostgator will give you a commission, $50 for each sale. If you managed to sell more than six in one month, then your commission will be $75 per sale, it is very interesting, right?

Hostgator will pay a commission if the customers who sign up through your affiliate link at least use hostgator hosting for three months. Commission payments made each end of the month, and I choose to use paypal to receive commission payments from hostgator, and here's the proof:

ProofThis is the second payment I received from hostgator affiliate total money I've got from hostgator is $ 100. And there are still some sales commissions for this month, hopefully hostgator will continue to pay commissions.


  1. hi i don't have host gator account
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  2. @citromduro, You only need to register as an affiliate and it's free

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