July 27, 2010

Buy Domain Name With Alertpay

AlertpayThe domain sellers commonly use credit card or paypal as a payment instrument, but not everyone is willing to use credit cards to buy the domain, and sometimes a paypal balance is insufficient to buy the domain.

For people who want to buy the domain but does not have a credit card or paypal, there is another alternative to purchase the domain using alertpay, as I do. After searching I finally found a place to buy domains using alertpay, and the place is gossimer.com, maybe these names sound unfamiliar do not like GoDaddy, name, or Namecheap.

July 26, 2010

How to Detect Fake Pagerank

PagerankMany bloggers want to improve their google page rank, and the best way to improve google page rank is backlink from dofollow blogs. For those who want to quickly get high Page Rank, without waiting for google update page rank is buy domain with high page rank.

But did you know sometimes, domain seller cheating by selling domain with fake page rank. So before you buy any domains with high page rank then you should check their page rank.