July 26, 2010

How to Detect Fake Pagerank

PagerankMany bloggers want to improve their google page rank, and the best way to improve google page rank is backlink from dofollow blogs. For those who want to quickly get high Page Rank, without waiting for google update page rank is buy domain with high page rank.

But did you know sometimes, domain seller cheating by selling domain with fake page rank. So before you buy any domains with high page rank then you should check their page rank.

How to Check Fake Pagerank
Before you buy a domain, or exchange links you should check whether the domain Pagerank is valid or not, and there is one simple way to distinguish whether the pagerank is fake or not that is through google, by typing "info:domainname.com".

If google shows the domain information, then the Pagerank is certainly valid, and if the domain name shown is the other then it is fake pagerank.


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  3. welehh maksih nih info nya,maksh bnyak .salam kenal dari seorang newbie

  4. cocok dan bermanfaat kalau mau belli domain

  5. SEO dibilang mudah susah, dibilang susah....?

  6. U comment I Follow nye bagus, beda dari gambar biasanya. boleh kasih tau kode badge bisa di dapat di situs mana??



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